We Make Recycling Simple

We Make Recycling Simple

Contact Independence Waste for stress-free recycling services

Who has time to make weekly trips to the city's recycling center? Call Independence Waste to save time while saving the planet. We offer affordable recycling pick-up services. We'll provide you with bins, and we'll empty them weekly or semi-weekly.

Want to save even more time? Stop separating your recyclables. Dump all of your materials in the bin and leave the sorting to us.

Call 605-356-2929 today to arrange for regular recycling pick-up services.

3 reasons to schedule recycling services

We all know that recycling reduces the use of petroleum and natural resources. But it also:

  1. Saves space in landfills: Recyclables take up costly space in our over-crowded landfills.
  2. Beautifies your city: Keep empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans off of the streets.
  3. Keeps your air pure: Prevent the release of toxic chemicals from garbage incineration.

We'll pick your recycling up promptly on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. Call now to find out what items you can recycle through Independence Waste.